Healthy eating should be important to everyone, and especially for people practicing sports. For this reason, the Municipal Sports and Recreation encouraged to participate in workshops of healthy eating which will be organized soon.

The main goal of the event is to increase knowledge about proper nutrition rules. A teacher pays attention to how the demand for different nutrients depending on the state of health condition, age or lifestyle. There will also be information useful to those who are forced to adhere to a specific diet. Therefore, there will be issues such as nutrition in diabetes or gluten intolerance. Of course, the teachers will devote particular attention to the diet of athletes. People running an active lifestyle will be able to learn not only of the principles of a daily diet, but also how to choose supplements and nutrients. There will be discussed such formulations as pre- and post-workout boosters, mass and carbohydrate supplements. There will also be information about slimming preparations, which should be selected with a special care.

The workshops will be conducted by well-known nutritionists, who have experience, among others, in preparing diet plans for athletes and for those who must avoid certain foods for health reasons. Participation in the workshops will be free of charge.