The Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre engages in activities aimed at increasing public awareness of sport and active recreation. For many years we organize events such as workshops, conferences and discussions in which can participate all people interested in broadening their knowledge.

One of the problems that we are trying to pay special attention to is an access to sports for people with a lower physical function. We try to explain the benefits of sport for seniors and sick people, as well as to indicate what physical activity is best for certain disease. We explain also how to facilitate an access to sports facilities for people.

We also organize promotional events related to a healthy lifestyle. During such meetings you can learn, among other things, what are the advantages of active leisure, as well as of how to arrange a diet in case of increased physical activity.

These events are also a very good opportunity to address the subject of such preparations as supplements supporting muscle mass building or facilitating weight loss. We are aware that this type of products is used by many people, so we want to facilitate the choice of effective, yet safe preparations.

About all the events organized by us, we try to inform at least one month in advance. We encourage everyone, therefore, to follow up our website.