The Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre organizes sports competitions since years, where there is opportunity to test your skills and win prizes.

Soon, for the third time we will organize a bodybuilding contest. The bodybuilding is a sport that is becoming more and more popular among Poles. For this reason, our institution strives to provide bodybuilders with the best conditions to develop their skills. We are aware of the fact that not only men are interested in bodybuilding, but also women, and therefore, we encourage they all to participate in competintions organized by us.

    As in the case of all other competitions organized by our center, winners of the struggle will be awarded with special prizes. These will be dietary supplements for athletes. We are aware that a lot of people take them, and yet we know that the choice of suitable products is not easy. The winners of the competition will receive a set of dietary supplements and nutrients, among which will include amino acids, creatine and protein-protein formulations. They were selected by an experienced bodybuilder and trainer, and therefore, they fully meet the needs of people practicing this sport.

We encourage to report your willingness to participate in our competitions now, as well as to get acquainted with the rules of the event, which is available on the website of the Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre. We wish all the participants a success and a satisfaction with the results.