One of the objectives of the Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre is to promote physical activity among people of all ages. For this reason, we willingly join activities aimed at activation of elderly people. In our offer there are interesting activities for seniors.

We suggest them, among other things, aerobics. During these activities are carried out exercises tailored to the capabilities and needs of seniors. Equally interesting proposition are dance classes for the elderly. They allow to improve their physical condition and gain valuable skills, and they also give an opportunity for a very good fun.

Seniors can also take part in activities held in a pool. Visits to the pool are especially recommended to those who complain of pain in muscles and joints. What's more, in our Centre we also have a group which regularly train nordic walking. Everyone can join it. In view of the seniors, we also organize trips in the season. A large interest in them proves that the elderly peolpe are willing to opt for active relaxation.

We also encourage seniors to participate in educational activities of the Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre. During our lectures and workshops they will gain extensive knowledge about the sport, active recreation and principles of healthy eating. Each person using the offer of our Centre can also take advantage of a personal consultation with an experienced coach who will help in choosing the right exercises.