The Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre

The Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre is a facility whose main purpose is to promote an active lifestyle and provide opportunities to practice different sports. Our offer is addressed to people of all ages. Because sport should play an important role in the life of every person, regardless of age.

We organize sports activities for children, youth, adults and the elderly. In our facility are held regularly games of football and handball, basketball and volleyball. We enable a game of table tennis, as well as organize fitness classes.

The Municipal Sports and Recreation Centre has a gym, which is available to every person interested in a workout. There is also the opportunity to consult with a trainer, in order to select an appropriate exercise plan.

Our business is also about organizing hiking and biking trips, which prove that the best relaxation is provided by an active recreation. Information about these types of events are published regularly on our website.

We also run educational activities, and above all workshops during which we talk about sports and recreation. We are aware that an active lifestyle should be combined with a proper diet, which is why we pay attention also to the issues of nutrition and supplements used by athletes, such as training boosters.

We encourage everybody to try our offer and we assure you that we are open to any proposals and suggestions.